Everyone has heard of a “school of fish.” Or maybe a “pride of lions.” But how about a “wisdom of wombats?” Or a “bevy of quails”?

The animal kingdom is a fun and occasionally very goofy place, and Nomencreatures shows that off.

Nomencreatures' origin story

After hearing that a group of armadillos could be called a fez, and a group of flamingos could be a flamboyance, I started putting together a list of all these silly animal group names. And boy howdy, were there a ton.

I decided to draw them to keep the illustration muscles loose as I was focusing on design projects at Rocketkoi.

The Kickstarter!

After getting a good response to the prints on inPRNT I started getting requests for a book. I turned to Kickstarter to get copies to friends and decided to set a loftier goal to gauge interest.

Thanks to a very successful campaign (it was funded in four days!), copies whipped across the country and the globe.

What's next?

I’m working on a second series (I told you there were a ton of names) and I’m going to shop around the book to some publishers. So follow along on my Instagram to see more crazy creatures in 2018!

About Mal

I’m the co-owner of Rocketkoi, a creative services firm that delivers big results for small- to medium-sized businesses and nonprofits.

A group of Mals is called a maladroit.